In order to showcase their lineup of innovative fencing solutions, ActiveYards needed a website that would clearly communicate the benefits of their products to customers and distributors.

A Marketing and Creative Refresh

ActiveYards is one of the leading manufacturers of aluminum and vinyl fencing in North America.

To help them create a web presence that matched the quality and forward-thinking nature of their products, I organized and produced content for a complete site redesign, in addition to helping with the overall marketing strategy and creative refresh.

By understanding the needs, concerns, and lifestyle aspirations of their target audience, I was able to create content that inspired them to act.

Optimized for Organic Search

Creating great content is useless unless your customers can find you.

Using my knowledge of SEO, I performed keyword research to identify the key phrases and terms that potential customers were using to search for vinyl and aluminum fencing products. Using those keywords, I created unique metadata for each page in order to optimize them for popular organic search queries.

In addition to helping their pages rank higher, the unique page titles and descriptions also helped entice users to click on their links in the search results.