As a content manager for CarsDirect, I managed a team of researchers, writers, and editors to produce search optimized automotive content, increasing pageviews by 200k a month.

Expert Automotive Content

CarsDirect is one of the largest automotive ecommerce websites in the world, offering car buyers a no-hassle way to research, purchase and insure new and used vehicles.

In order to help customers make an informed buying decision, I led a team of automotive experts as they produced targeted content to help customers decide which vehicle was right for them.

From new vehicle reviews and head-to-head comparisons to segment-specific buying guides and Top 10 lists, we created content that helped users make sense of the complicated automotive landscape and pushed them further down the purchasing funnel.

Helping car owners stay informed

Increasing Organic Search Traffic and Leads

When researching new and used cars, most car buyers look to Google to help them find what they’re looking for – whether they’re still deciding on the right car for them or they’re ready to make a purchase.

In order to rank well for popular search terms, you need content that not only addresses user’s informational needs but keeps them engaged and inspires them to act.

By combining intensive keyword research, dedicated automotive expertise, and an engaging user experience, we were able to produce content that generated exposure, links, and helped drive increased organic search traffic and leads.