One of the premier universities on the West Coast wanted to alter the way it connected with prospective students. I helped show them how they could use targeted messages, data and analytics to get the job done.

Finding the Right Message

I started by studying their existing marketing program to see what they were doing, understand the effectiveness of various initiatives, identify gaps, and highlight areas of opportunity.

They also needed a strategy for combating inaccurate perceptions of the university, such as the perception that it was less inclusive because of its Jesuit heritage when in reality the university was a hotbed of inclusion and inquiry.

Using third-party research and good old-fashioned creativity, I helped develop a messaging strategy based on LMU’s essence and anchored by detailed user personas.

Bringing the Message to Life

With a messaging strategy that drew from the brand’s essence and the organization’s mission, they had a powerful tool to capture prospective students’ attention.

But a messaging strategy won’t make an impact by itself. To put their new messaging to work, I helped them define a multichannel media strategy (including home, direct mail and digital) to help Loyola Marymount roll the message out in different formats, including an iPad-optimized digital viewbook, flexible email templates, and a forward-thinking social media and digital video strategy.