Pantech, one of the largest manufacturers of mobile phones, needed someone to create content that embodied the youthful energy and independent nature of their target audience.

A Multi-channel Marketing Strategy

In order to prepare for the launch of their first ever Android-powered smartphone, the Pocket, Pantech needed to create content to support a multi-channel marketing strategy.

With a clear understanding of the needs, concerns and attitudes of their primary audience segments, I provided a wide range of content for the launch of the Pocket’s national marketing campaign.

In addition to creating content for the main landing page, I also wrote supporting copy for a series of professionally produced web videos and contributed marketing content for Pantech’s sponsorship of the Dew Tour.

Launching the Pantech Pocket

Communicating the Benefits

With the success of the Pocket marketing campaign, Pantech asked me to help them create fun, quirky product descriptions and feature lists for the other phones, tablets and quick-messaging devices in their lineup, including the Breakout, Link II and Flex.

Starting with only a list of features and the major selling points of each device, I was able to create full-fledged landing pages that effectively communicated the benefits of each device and successfully related them to the lifestyle and aspirations of their target audience.