One of the world’s premier aid organizations wanted a way for children to communicate with each other and have a say in disaster-related issues that affect their lives.

Connecting Children Across the World

Born out of the triple disaster that befell Japan in March of 2011, the Center for Children and Disaster Risk Reduction (CCDRR) is an initiative established by Save the Children, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing relief and support for children across the world.

To aid in this initiative, they needed a website that would allow children from all over the world to form discussion groups, access disaster-related resources and participate in seminars with experts from around the world.

As the lead content strategist on the project, it was my job to ensure that the website provided a safe, educational and intuitive experience that transcended regional and cultural differences.

Giving children a voice

Allowing Children’s Voices to Be Heard

The CCDRR website needed to serve multiple purposes. It needed to provide a way for children to form discussion groups with other kids. It needed to serve as a library for disaster risk reduction resources, games and lessons. And it also needed to provide a platform for users to sign up for and participate in interactive webinars and presentations.

In addition, we also needed to ensure the safety and security of every child who chose to use the site. By working closely with Save the Children staff we were able to seamlessly integrate multiple third-party technologies while providing clear instructions on how to navigate and engage with the site’s many features.