To meet the needs of their diverse customer base, the nation’s largest natural gas utility needed to digitally embrace their brand with a cutting-edge website that put users first.

Improving the Customer Experience

SoCalGas uses its website to educate customers about a wide variety of services and programs. But inconsistent navigation and unnecessary content were making it hard for users to find and access important information, leading to more work for their customer service department.

Their website needed to reflect the needs of real customers, not their internal org chart. To reduce customer service calls, they needed a simple, intuitive user interface that balanced common tasks with clearly defined business requirements.

Addressing the needs of multiple audiences

Finding the Right Information

In interviews, it was clear that customers were having a difficult time finding what they were looking for on the website.

After a thorough qualitative and quantitative content audit, I made a series of recommendations on eliminating unnecessary content, standardizing page templates, and updating the global navigation to better align with user needs.

This allowed them to streamline the experience and help customers get what they needed from the website. And to ensure that all content spoke in a clear, consistent voice, I worked with their editorial team to create a style guide to help content creators and editors stay on the same page.