Rather than rely on its heritage, Teachers College wanted to proactively target high-quality applicants using information on their most popular graduate programs to increase enrollment.

Targeting Multiple Audiences

Understanding client objectives is always essential.

In the case of Teachers College, they wanted to improve their acquisition efforts while targeting the message to their core audience: 24-29 year old college grads with an interest in social justice, advocacy, education and culture. That meant tailoring the platform and content to what we knew about that audience’s interests, motivations and user behavior.

To achieve this, I helped them built a mobile-optimized microsite that allowed Teachers College to target multiple audiences with relevant, engaging content that not only delivered exceptional results, but also gave Teachers College insight into their sales funnel.

Mapping out content elements

Making it Easy to Take Action

The primary goal of the microsite was to encourage students to complete the lead form. So I made sure that every aspect of our designs and messaging made it easy for them to take action.

From the simple and clean layout of the landing pages to the audience-centric content and clear calls-to-action, each element of the microsite was designed with that primary objective in mind.

We also made sure to implement analytics tracking across the microsite, which allowed us to capture data on which keywords and media sources were converting at the highest rate.

Using real-time data, we were able to continually adjust our strategy on a day-to-day basis in order to optimize their media spend and reduce their cost-per-lead over the course of the campaign.

Built to convert