As a vehicle service contract provider, Toco had built a successful business based on traditional media and phone sales. To help them scale their business for the digital age, I worked with them to implement an integrated digital content strategy tailored to their needs.


Until recently, there was only one way to buy a Toco vehicle service contract – over the phone. But with a limited amount of sales reps, they could only handle so many leads.

To give them an efficient way to convert leads into sales, I helped them launched a SalesForce-integrated, mobile-optimized e-commerce platform that gave customers an easy way to get a quote and buy online.

In addition to helping drive the brand messaging and positioning, I also worked closely with our UX and development teams to ensure that the sales funnel was as frictionless as possible and that customers had all the information they needed at each stage of the purchase process.

Optimized for mobile conversions


When a product has a lot of fine details, consumer education is crucial. To make it easy for online customers to understand what they were buying, I worked with internal stakeholders to translate coverage information and complex legal definitions and concepts into clear, easy-to-understand language.

By addressing customers’ concerns and questions upfront, we gave them the confidence they needed to purchase online – without ever speaking to a representative.

Giving customers the confidence to buy online


Marketing automation technology has made it easier to communicate consistently with prospects and customers.

Using what we knew about their business challenges and goals, we identified new opportunities to deliver relevant content to users at key stages in the customer life cycle – especially through email.

And since we’d already created a series of helpful automotive how-to articles and guides, we had all the content we needed to power automated customer nurture and retention streams.

Using email to convert and retain customers